Course Director: Renato Crivellari Creppe
Curriculum Lattes:
ID Course: 25
Renewable Energy and Electric Power Generation
José Ângelo Cagnon, Marcelo Nicoletti Franchin
Institute Unesp: Faculdade de Engenharia - Bauru
Academic Semester:
Number ECTS Credits: 3
2 and 3 (MSc. and PhD.)
Description Course:
  The purpose of this course is to provide an overview and discussion of important renewable sources used to produce electricity, mainly using biomass (sugar cane) and hydropower. The course covers environmental issues and future prospects of renewable sources. It analyzes the main characteristics of electric power generators used in biomass and hydro power. In the course schedule is planned a technical visit to hydro power plant and/or biomass power plant near Bauru- Brazil.
Expected Competency:
1. Appreciation of energy resources with focus on biomass and hydro energy
2. Understanding environmental aspects of renewable energy use
3. Understanding of Brazilian energy situation
4. Understanding the fundamentals of the electric generators
6. Discuss new technologies in biomass and hydro power generation
Lectures, oral presentations, class discussions, reading assignment, writen tests and a technical visit.
Written test (10%) Oral presentations (30%) Technical visit report (10%) Development of a short monograph about renewable energy generation(25%) Write a paper based on reading assignments and mono