Course Director: Hebe de las Mercedes Villullas
Curriculum Lattes:
ID Course: 23
Fuel Cells
Institute Unesp: Instituto de Quimica -Araraquara
Academic Semester:
Number ECTS Credits: 3
2 and 3 (MSc. and PhD)
Description Course:
  Fuel cells are alternative systems for environmentally friendly production of energy because they allow transforming chemical energy into electricity. This course will focus on the different types of fuel cells and their applications, from stationary energy production to their use as energy sources in vehicles and portables, and on the fascinating chemistry that can make energy generation clean and sustainable.
Expected Competency:

1. Comprehension of fuel cells as devices for energy production
2. Ability to distinguish different types of fuel cells and their applications
3. Comprehension of the current limitations of fuel cells performance
4. Ability to analyse advantages/disadvantages of different fuel
Lectures, Reading assignments, Seminars on selected topics and Group Discussions.
Oral presentation and group discussion (2 points): evaluation of ability to use the new knowledge in discussions with peers. Written report (2 points): Critical analysis of a published paper. Final