Course Director: Cintia Duarte de Freitas Milagre
Curriculum Lattes:
ID Course: 19
Biocatalyts: Nature Insights into Sustainable Technologies
Institute Unesp: Instituto de Quimica - Araraquara
Academic Semester:
Number ECTS Credits: 3
2 and 3 (MSc. and PhD)
Description Course:
  Introduction of topics inter-, trans- and multidisciplinary (Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Engineering) involved within biocatalysts selection and design for biofuel production. Hands-on lab activities and field trip are scheduled.
Expected Competency:
The students will gain insight in the potential of enzymes for the production of biofuels, enzymes selection and (high-throughput) screening strategies, protein engineering techniques for biocatalysts optimization;
Knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of using bio- renewables in production processes;
Ability to judge novel processes, on their merit in terms of sustainability.

Lectures, seminars, laboratory work, field visit, self-study and examination
2 Seminars (20% each), 1 lab report (20 %); 1 visit report (20%), 1 written test (20 %)